New Patients


We want you to feel welcome and at home at our office. When you give us a call, our staff will try to get to know you over the phone by getting information from you in order to arrange your first visit with us. When you arrive at our office, you will be greeted by our staff and offered a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Our treatment coordinator will get to know you and your needs or concerns before you meet the dentist so that the dentist can understand your needs. Our Treatment Coordinator will help you fill out forms with you so that you are not confused by any questions that you may be asked.

Following your introduction with the Treatment Coordinator, you will then be led to the Operatory of the Dentist and be introduced to his friendly and experienced Dental assistant who is the Dentist’s right hand partner. The Dentist will then begin to get acquainted with you through conversation and while exploring your needs so that you can both ascertain what best path to take for your optimal dental Health. You may be asked to take X-rays using our digital x-rays so that the Dentist can get a clear idea of your tooth structure and anatomy. After the Dentist spends time analyzing your x-rays and your teeth, you will get an explanation about what the plan is; whether your future treatment is just a hygiene visit, or if you have a somewhat of an extensive need for treatment.

We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to ask questions and get information from us, whether it is educational, financial, or just to express any concerns you may have about your treatment; We therefore, have you meet privately with the Treatment Coordinator after your appointment with the Dentist for an opportunity to take time to address any concerns you may have, or to simply set up future appointments.

We want your experience to be comfortable, relaxing, and taken seriously. Why not call us today to make an appointment today so you can experience your first visit with us?

Dr. Safari and team members welcome baby Bella who is 7 months old! She is our youngest and happiest patient who has two bottom front teeth already grown in.


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